Sickle Cell Disease 

Since I was six years old, I was diagnosed with this disease. So much pain over my life   Loving with sickle cell disease. 

It’s cause when the red blood cells become crescent shape, and cannot correctly flow through the blood vessels. The sickle shaped cells get stuck and causes severe pain. When the cells become stuck, oxygen cannot flow properly and this is when the pain begins.  The pain attacks are called sickle cell crisis. As you can see from the picture – the normal blood cells -vs- sickle cell blood cells. 

It’s a disease that is common among African American decent. 

In high-income countries like the United States, the life expectancy of a person with SCD is now about 40–60 years. Advancements in the diagnosis and care of SCD have made improvements possible.

Now, their is a cure. Follow along as I take you through my journey for healing. 

Love Antoinette ❤️

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