Total body irradiation 

Yesterday was my first and prayerfully last experience with TBI. The scene was a plexiglass box surrounded by rice bags.  Once the radiation started, it was twelve minutes on one side of the body and than another twelve on the other. Everything when off without any problems and then,…… the chills were back. I was so cold that it seem like I was biting my tongue. They got me upstairs and the team immediately kicked in. 

Doctor, nurses, nurse tech was all taking care of me as they have done so well since my arrival here. The radiation had made me have a very high fever which then allow the chills. They gave me hydrocortisone, Tylenol. I went to sleep for a little while. Once I woke up, I was feeling a bit fatigue but nothing of what had been told to me about side effects I have experienced. Maybe a little nausea, no vomiting or diarrhea. Thank god!

My stem cell transplant is Thursday June 15. My life will be changed FOREVER!

Your faith has made you well.

Love Antoinette ❤️🙏🏽

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