Keep Going!

As my life is getting a little back to normal, I had an amazing opportunity to be the guest of my doctor at the Sickle Cell Association. I had the opportunity to speak with patients and family members that have sickle cell about my experience with the stem cell transplant to heal me from sickle cell. What an honor. 

I met a couple who has a six month old daughter and she has sickle cell. She’s been in and out the hospital at a young age already. I didn’t start having crisis until I was six years old. I totally encourage them if they can’t get answers here, call St. Jude. I am such a huge fan of this amazing hospital and the work they do for children. 

Walk in the gift God has given you. Encourage one another, life up one another and support one another. If you have been through something, tell someone. You could possibly change someone’s life. 

Love Antoinette ❤️

2 thoughts on “Keep Going!

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  1. Awesome Testimony Antoinette! Keep pushing forward and make it happen for others with the knowledge and experience you have plenty to share with families or individuals that are going through the pains of crisis like you once had. Thank God we can say Had now that you have gone thru the stem cell transplant 🙌🏾🙌🏾!! Love ❤️You Cousin!! Angela #HEALED #NOMORECRISIS


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