This Thanksgiving brings about a new perspective in my life. With my transplant in June, I look at everyday differently. I do not have to worry about sickness, hospital visits, blood transfusions, etc. I get to look at my live from the perspective of a healthy individual.

Eventually, I will be able to do what normal people do without worrying about becoming sick. Now I’m still recovering so they still have me being very careful. I can go play in the snow and not worry about getting to cold and having a sickle cell crisis.

I remember October 24, 2012 when the lord spoke to me and said, I will do a new thing in you. I know what that means however, I had no idea how big of a thing God would do.

Lord, I am so thankful this year than any other years of my live. God you have blessed me with a new life. I am beyond Thankful and Grateful, I have been healed.

Love Antoinette ❤️

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