Many things have happened since my last post. I thought I was going home however, that’s is not possible yet. My counts are low and they have to get better before home happens. White blood count, platelets, potassium low but nothing is to hard for god. 

I’m not discouraged. Ask this mountain to be removed. My prayer of faith. It’s done in Jesus name. 
Love Antoinette ❤️


I got the best news today. The stem cells have engrafted and I am on my way. They said any where from 2 to 4 weeks.  God allowed one week. “The process in which the stem cells establish themselves in the bone marrow and begin to make new blood cells is called engraftment. It usually happens during the first two to four weeks after transplant.”

Although there are still counts that are low, my white blood count is 1.1 so it is still rising and I’m not required to wear a mask anymore. 

I also was told I will be going home next Thursday as long as all is still good or better.  God is sooooo amazing. 
Who could live without him. 

Love Antoinette ❤️

It’s rising!

My white blood cells are rising…. from 0.7 to 0.8.  I know that might not seem like a lot to some however, to me it means everything. 

Reasons why: 

1. Once I stabilize and my numbers rise, the faster I can go home. 

2. The faster I can go back to church and work. Right now I am on a two possible three month absences. 

I trust Jehovah God for everything. He made this possible and nothing is impossible for those that believe. 

Love Antoinette ❤️

Day + 5

And im feeling great. My white blood count is very low at 0.7 however, that let us know all the preparation is working. My new life is here. 

Their is also talk about me going home earlier because I’m doing so well. Their is something to be said about a prefect match donor. Brother Willie!

God is the strength of my life and I give him all the credit. Of course my doctors and nurses for taking such great care of me. Jehovah God. 

If he never did one more thing for me, extending my life is enough. 

Love Antoinette ❤️
Your faith has made you whole. 

Day + 3

I’m one my way. Day + 3 of my stem cell transplant. So far, so good. I’m feeling well. My doctor said I look good for a girl who just had a transplant. I believe Jehovah God has been with me every second through this process and I am incredibly grateful. I love the Lord because he heard my cry. 

Your faith has made you well. 

Love Antoinette ❤️

Total body irradiation 

Yesterday was my first and prayerfully last experience with TBI. The scene was a plexiglass box surrounded by rice bags.  Once the radiation started, it was twelve minutes on one side of the body and than another twelve on the other. Everything when off without any problems and then,…… the chills were back. I was so cold that it seem like I was biting my tongue. They got me upstairs and the team immediately kicked in. 

Doctor, nurses, nurse tech was all taking care of me as they have done so well since my arrival here. The radiation had made me have a very high fever which then allow the chills. They gave me hydrocortisone, Tylenol. I went to sleep for a little while. Once I woke up, I was feeling a bit fatigue but nothing of what had been told to me about side effects I have experienced. Maybe a little nausea, no vomiting or diarrhea. Thank god!

My stem cell transplant is Thursday June 15. My life will be changed FOREVER!

Your faith has made you well.

Love Antoinette ❤️🙏🏽

Second round

Last night was my second round of campath to help suppress my immune system. I went much better than Thursday. 

They gave me the hydrocortisone before the campath and it was great. No side effects at all. Day three is today. Two more days after today and then total body radiation on Tuesday. We are moving right along. Thank you Lord for my healing in advance. 

Your faith has made you whole. Mark 5:34

Love Antoinette ❤️

About last night!

As I tried to prepare for them to destroy my immune system, they started to give me a test dose of campath. The biggest side effects are chills and fever. They gave me Benadryl and Tylenol to help but it wasn’t very helpful. 

No one told me the chills would be so severe. I felt like I was having seizures. I was bitting my tongue and shaking uncontrollably. 

Eventually, they gave me hydrocortisone and after about thirty minutes the chills subsided. I then had a very high fever and that eventually subsided also. 

So now on to day two. My doctor said this should be different because they are going to give me the hydrocortisone prior to the campath. Lord I just pray your strength. 

Love Antoinette ❤️

The Start!

Today, the day I have been waiting for since I started this process in December. I check into the hospital to began the conditioning to accept my donated stem cells for my dear brother Will. 

I am just elated and profoundly changed forever. God is so incredible and I am in awe of his presence in my life. I know the prayer warriors are holding me up because I’m just ready to move forward and I have no reservations on what is ahead of me. 

Thank you lord for you preserving my life until this incredible cure could heal me. 

You are my life. 

Love Antoinette ❤️

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